Thames Path 100 2017 #WalkingTheWholeThing

I’d been relatively sensible in 2016 when it comes to racing on basis that I was on Spartathlon waitlist and didn’t want to be too wrecked if I did move up the list far enough to get in (I didn’t get in), so had decided to volunteer at Thames Path 100 instead that year as didn’t want to completely miss out.  This meant I got a free spot on the 2017 race :-). One problem was that I had been very broken since start of March and couldn’t actually run at all. I’d tried physio/ acupuncture etc and had had a go at ‘seeing if it just needs to warm up’ at Crawley 24 on 1 April but sensibly quit after 10 miles of walk/jog etc and resigned myself to just walking everywhere instead. I did notice that I could actually walk quite fast though e.g. 12:30 min miling at times when walking a parkrun…. 

So I wondered if I could have a go at walking Thames Path 100. I’m not as fast as Richard McChessney or Sandra Brown but reckoned I could probably pull it off ok if I could get past the first aid station in cut off as I suspected it might be at 11.6 miles 

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